I recently read an article in Metro News Vancouver, and it really hit home.  It’s about a 53-year old woman who’s a full-time hairdresser, and decided to take up snowboarding.

Long-short, her first attempts on the board didn’t go so smoothly.  She was nervous.  She felt ‘old’ and wondered if she’d make it.  With dedicated practice, more lessons and studying youtube videos, she’s now a seasoned pro.  So much, she took a part-time job at her local ski hill, so she can board more.

For years, I’ve talked about expanding my hobbies, taking up French or re-learning how to swim. Despite my best intentions, life gets busy, another year goes by and well, you get the idea.

But after reading this article, I feel more inspired than ever.  Especially when there’s research to show we CAN indeed train our mind (and body) during our later years:

“Sure, people’s minds and bodies decline as they get older”, said Anne Wilson, a professor at Wilfred Laurier University who runs a psychology lab that studies goal setting and motivation.

“But, a lot of times people assume that happens more readily, and in a more limiting way, than it actually does… There’s no evidence our brains ever stop learning. Plus mastering a new skill has tons of psychological benefits — the more challenging, the better.”

And speaking of better, when I brought this story to our Gorgie Founder, Cathy, she reminded me of how she’s opening two SOL Yoga studios in the coming months! Not to mention, she’s doing this while juggling Gorgie Wellness, with more exciting wellness projects in the works, AND raising four kids.

One of my favourite photos of Cathy.  Open arms and heart, following her dreams!

Talk about taking a leap outside one’s comfort zone and trusting the universe to deliver!

Since joining the Gorgie team last year, I’ve learned so much from Cathy. One of the most valuable, is to trust the little voice inside.  To not be afraid to fail.  And to approach every project with an optimistic intention, or don’t do it, period.

Whether it’s taking up a new language or in Cathy’s case, opening two yoga studios, regardless of your age-number, if you BELIEVE you can do it – you can.  And there’s nothing to be gained by doing nothing at all.  #Namaste!