Dear Friends,

And it starts with – you guessed it, you. Your whole self. The inner and outer, and everything in-between.

As a mother of four, I’m giving my best every day, juggling the schedules and travels of having two girls at home, and two boys in the UK. I’m also a wife, business chairman for a family private equity firm, and after years in the making, about to open two yoga studios!

Many hats I wear, and proudly so.

But despite the demands of work and family, moving from Canada to the US, to now hitting my mid-life years, I can honestly say I’m in a great place in my life.

Rather than dwell on everyday stress or obstacles,  I’ve learned to trust the universe, God, our spirit. To savour the present moment. And to learn from our challenges.

If the road doesn’t feel right, change direction. Love each day like it’s your last. Treat others with love and respect. Focus on the rainbows, cause they’re always there.

My rainbows have been, and continue to be, most plenty.  Starting with my four magnificent children. My sister, my girlfriends, my parents. A morning cup of coffee to the sound of silence. To practicing yoga every (damn) day, and feeding my body delicious, healthy food.

Years a go, they showed-up as the nurses and doctors who saved my eldest son, born just one pound strong. To the sound of his race car I get to enjoy today.

Recognizing I’m in the best place of my life, with enormous gratitude  for the experiences to get here, I feel the time is now to share my gorgie best self forward, and to encourage other women to do the same.

It might be a new recipe I’m trying (‘trying’ being the key word), a new workout class, or a skin treatment. If it’s something that’s worked or working for me, why not put it out there?

This is Gorgie Wellness.

It’s not a club or a tribe, or about keeping beauty secrets on the down-low. Just the opposite. It’s about confident women putting it out there, to share with others. Cause confident women share. To live our best, and not give a sweet care about what others may think.

If you believe the best days, years are ahead of you – they will be. So let’s make this journey happen together.


Cathy DeFrancesco

Founder, Gorgie Wellness