Described as the ‘best workout in the world’ and with a celebrity following that includes Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal among others, Barry’s Bootcamp is no average workout.  Since launching in LA in 1998, there’s now over twenty locations nation-wide with global expansion in the works.

Ask any one who goes to Barry, and they’ll rave. In fact, so hot is this workout, classes often sell out days before.

We’ve been going to Barry’s on and off for months now. Besides giving us a good cardio hit, since waking-up to the fact we need to lift weights more often (!), Barry gets the job done.

What makes this workout so good?

Rotating between treadmill and free weights in intervals of 15 minutes, it’s a fast-paced 60 minute full-body workout. Think high intensity cardio meets muscle building, and you get the idea

It’s fast. It’s hard.  But it’s only temporary.

The structure of the class keeps us highly engaged and focused. Not a minute is wasted.  The time flies too.  (A real bonus when you feel on the verge.)  We like the variety of the weighted portions too.  Typically, a class will focus on abs, legs or arms, but it changes-up so your muscles are always challenged.

It’s dark. It’s loud. At times, intimidating.  But no one cares – so get over it.

Yes, the room is dark.  And the music, very loud.  This isn’t a workout for anxiety-prone types.  Not in the least.   The treadmill portions can be brutally painful too.  Particularly when the trainer in command wants us to push harder, higher and faster.  This, after a floor session that had us doing push-ups and tricep extensions.

Can you say limbs shaking?

Despite whatever doubts our mind may get up to however, our body never lets us down.  And when it’s over, you can bet we’ll hit Barry’s Fuel Bar for a killer protein smoothie, while shopping the latest workout gear (guilty as charged) too.  Yep, we love our Barry alright.