The September Issue. Back to school. A return to routine. These are just some of the things I love about Fall.  I also love to take advantage of some online shopping, and purchase a few items to freshen-up my wardrobe, my pantry, beauty regime and more.

Seems I’m not the only one! With help from the Gorgie team, here’s a few things you’ll find in our shopping carts…

Apple Watch – Rose Gold with Pink Sport Band

Rose gold never gets old our books. And while we may behind the trend of the smartwatch, we know we won’t be behind the clock with this beauty on our wrist. A splurge, but when you consider the daily cost per wear, it puts our Starbucks account to shame.

Garment Steamer

With a closet as full as ours, you’d think we’d be a professional with the iron. Not a chance. And precisely why we’re ordering this  garment steamer – STAT. Beyond its straight-forward-practicality, we love its minimal design and easy to store size.

The Dyson Supersonic

It’s the ‘super’ luxe of blow-dryers alright, but we’ve been eyeing Dyson’s Supersonic for long enough. Ready to take the plunge, we look forward to super-styling our locks using this light-weight, fast and intelligently controlled heat motor, for shinier, smoother hair.

LilyBod Leggings

You just knew yoga leggings would be on our list, as really, can a girl own too many? Thankfully we have Lilybod styles to keep our daily uniform looking fresh with pops of colour and graphic design.

The Dermaroller

Following Jen Aniston’s lead, a dermaroller will be joining our evening skin routine faster than another fine line decides to show up.  Taking just minutes, you simply roll the device in short, changing directions over the face (avoiding eyes, sensitive areas). The tiny needles puncture the skin gently, so your skincare formulas are better absorbed. For more convincing, check out this article here.

Moon Dust

To counter the stress that comes with home, work, kids, dogs and everything in-between, we’re adding to our smoothies some mushroom based, adaptogen-charged, Moon Juice powders. The Brain Dust features Lion’s Mane, Maca, Astralagus and Rhodiola for improved mental focus and stamina, clarity and concentration, while alleviating the effects of stress. Yessss.

Smythe Henley Blouse

Talk about a classic with statement. Whether for nights-out or pairing with white denim (yes, we’re going there after Labour Day!), this leopard beauty with mid-neck tie made by Smythe is precisely what our closet ordered and needs.

The Yoga Kitchen

Show us a book about yoga and food – and with beautiful photos to swoon over, and we’re sold.  The Yoga Kitchen by Kimberly Parsons features over 100 vegetarian recipes, including a green breakfast bowl we’re all over.  Eggs and avo, why you don’t say?!