While watching one of my morning shows today, it was reported that nearly 40% of American adults are classified as obese.  And one in three children or teens is either overweight or obese.

I don’t know about you, but I find this staggering!

But rather than get down about it, I use it as increased ammo to look after my family, their well-being, and the smart choices we can make together for healthy eating and activity.

Does this mean it’s always easy to get my kids to eat a well-balanced diet each and every day? No.  But I’ll be honest, we do a pretty darn good job.

I’ve shared this before, but I truly believe when you raise your kids eating healthy foods, they naturally grow to like them more-so.  And when it comes to sweets, homemade stuff trumps anything store bought.  Like the vegan chocolate cookies we bake on regular rotation, or the kale caesar salad that gets devoured every time.

Along with this, I’ve done my homework on supplements, and proudly, have found a few that work extremely well for my kids.

For a complete multi-vitamin plus Omega-3s, naturally found in fish oil, the girls are now taking this brand and loving:

After experimenting with others, we found they were too fishy tasting or had that annoying burp-effect.  These sweet gummies have solved that! In fact, my girls now look forward to having them daily.

Here’s why I love them. Each serving provides:

• Omega 3 fish oil including balanced DHA and EPA fatty acids (56 mg EPA and 44 mg DHA)
• Vitamin D as D3 for immune health (600 IU)
• Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin for mental focus and energy balance (67 mcg)
• Folate as methyFlfolate supports proper DNA replication (267 mcg)
• A variety of other essentials, including Vitamin A, E, biotin, choline and zinc
• No artificial colours, sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup

And the teen formula contains:

• Lutein and zeaxanthin to help protect the eye from damaging blue light (6 mg lutein & 1 mg zeaxanthin)
• Biotin for healthy skin, hair, and nails (60 mcg)
• Vitamin K2 as MK7 for healthy bones and teeth (24 mcg)
• Vitamin D as D3 for immune health (20 mcg/800 IU)
• Omega 3 fish oil which contains EPA and DHA fatty acids (45 mg EPA & 35 mg DHA)

Click here to read more about these gummies.

The other formula we’re loving is the Kids Nourishing Protein by Wellco.  I’ve been taking the Super Elixir for a while now, and rarely miss a day – that good.

And happily, after experimenting with various smoothie recipes (oh, the commentary my girls would give me! Too watery, too sweet, not enough bananas…), we found our winner with this one.  They love the taste. It blends well with any non-dairy milk, ice and fruit.

For some kitchen humour, here are the girls at work!

Other than its great taste (and the thumbs-up from the girls), here’s why I’m a fan of this formula:

  • Contains pea and rice protein, providing 9 essential amino acids
  • Enhanced with probiotics to support a healthier gut and better digestion
  • Provides a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron and folic acid, derived from whole foods
  • Nourishes, protects and energizes, thanks to its fruit and vegetable combination including pomegranate, broccoil, apple, pumpkin and beetroot

And hey, if it’s hip enough for Elle (that’d be Macpherson)’s son, Cy, you just know it’s gotta be good!

Cy, 13, Miami

Here’s what he suggests:


  • 1 × scoop of Kids Nourishing Protein
  • Rice milk
  • Ice
  • Blitz, drink and enjoy

Weekend treat ‘Nicecream’

  • 1 × scoop Kids Nourishing Protein
  • 2 × frozen bananas
  • Dash of rice milk
  • Blitz and enjoy in a bowl with a spoon