This one’s not pretty, so I’ll dive right in…

On a recent visit with a plastic surgeon for a little cup of tea (and maybe a consultation too), I was shocked as ever when he found skin cancer inside one of my ears!

It’s not the first time this fair-skinned gal has experienced this, but I kid you not, it’s a bloody pain. Especially after years of staying out of the sun and being so freakin diligent!

Regardless of what the forecast may show, I don’t take any chances. Maximum SPF on my face and on my body is a must. And despite living near a beach, I never sit out. When outdoors, I always wear a hat and sport SPF-gloves on my runs for crying out loud!

So please, heed the call and take extra caution: If you think you’re out of danger by avoiding the sun, think again. Especially if you drive a car in direct sunshine.  I’m convinced that’s how my inner ear got hit this time.

Back to my cancer find, as soon as I could, I got myself to a hospital for MOHS surgery. During surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are removed.  Minimal damage happens, but an anesthetic is definitely needed, especially when dealing with the ear area.

Can you say extreme pain when the freezing is wearing-off?

So bad was my pain, I had to get a dose of major medication. Honestly, I could have birthed a fifth child in less pain!

My greatest regret from when I was younger was that I didn’t protect my skin from the sun—even though I think I look better with a tan.” Elle Macpherson

After about 24 hours and a solid sleep later, I was completely fine.  Along with early detection, if there’s another saving grace from this, it’s that once again, my kids got to see me stitched and scarred. Not pretty, but they now use sunscreen on their own without me having to remind them.

Don’t be the next skin cancer victim Gorgies! My advice:

• Avoid peak hours (10 am – 4 pm)
• Check behind and inside your ears
• Wear a hat with over-sized sunglasses
• Cover up your skin with SPF clothing
• Wear SPF makeup on your face every day – and don’t forget your lips
• If still want a summer glow, fake it with one of these formulas instead

Until next time, you can find me catching the last minutes of summer under one of my prized UV umbrellas I purchased while in Japan… sporting a hat, sunglasses and UV apparel. #TakingNoChances