Yoga certainly changed our life in profound ways.  And when we tell others about this, they either get it, or they kinda don’t.

More often, we’ll hear a bunch of their reasons for not doing yoga.  Because they’re not flexible.  They don’t have time (between Barry’s and Lagree, really?).  Or they detest the thought of sweaty mats and lululemon converts.

While these reasons may have some truth, what we’re hearing is fear. 

They haven’t tried yoga, cause really, it can be an intimidating thing to do.  Which is precisely what we thought too.  That’s until we figured out the secret to getting around this fear.

What’s the secret?  Find a yoga instructor and book a private. 

Precisely what we did with local yogi Danielle Petrie.  So good, this gal has become our go-to-yogi ever since.

After a few sessions with Danielle, we felt ready for some classes. Sure, we felt lost for the first couple, but we finagled our way the best we could (everyone does by the way), not letting any such worry hold us back.

Five or so classes in, we can pretty much guarantee it’ll happen to you too: You’ll be holding tree or doing eagle, and you’re not falling.  You’re feeling strong. Capable. “I got this” kind of feeling.

And that dear friends, is how a loving relationship with yoga begins.
One day, you’ve got it. Other days, you feel like quitting when your instructor asks for another Utkatasana.

But rather than dwell on the discomfort, you take a deep breath, find your calm and do the best you can.  

No one said yoga’s easy.  But gosh darn it, it’s definitely worth a try.