With the Oscars around the corner, and a female movement that shows no signs of slowing down, we’re taking a look back at some trail-blazing women – both on and off the big screen.

From the bossy to beautiful, they set the bar high.  And we’re sharing our praises here….


For pulling out a shot gun and driving off a cliff with no compromise. To this day, has there been a better female-friendship on screen? We don’t think so.

MEG RYAN, When Harry Met Sally

Adorable, witty, strong.  Sally was all that and a cup of tea. And let’s be real – faked the big ‘O’ on camera that changed everything. “I’ll have what she’s having.”


She made being a secretary a heroine we women could relate to, and follow suit. She gave us beauty and brains and didn’t back down – not even for Harrison Ford 😊


She was born to be an actress, but evolved into an activist, fitness leader, mother, author and wife a few times over.  And yet despite her roads, her drive, grit and a voice remain as strong as ever. Amen!


We had to include this dame, as she continues to inspire us in so many ways! A mother, actress, yogi and activist – she wears so many hats, but it’s her SMILE. Pure, happy and real.  Thank you Goldie. 🙂