If you’ve been following me for the past months, you’ve heard me go on about my love for yoga.  Guilty as charged!  And in case you missed my last post about the biggest (proudest) yoga news I could possibly share, here it is.

Whether I’m doing an ashtanga or traditional vinyasa class, there’s one thing that never changes: My love for the heat. Infrared heat, that is.  It’s like heaven to me. My limbs move better.  My muscles, soften.  The sweat trickles down. And any aches or pains I had before, melt away.

Hot yoga has changed my life so much, I tell everyone, ‘just get on the mat and try it!’ You’re probably thinking ‘but you live in Florida?’ ‘Hot Yoga? Is it safe?’

For one thing, hot yoga and infrared hot yoga are not the same.

Most hot yoga studios typically force the hot air from baseboard or electric heaters.  It’s dry, it’s intense and quite frankly, can be rather uncomfortable, especially if you’re not properly hydrated.

Infrared heat on the other hand, goes deeper.  It provides a therapeutic, penetrating form of heat that’s emitted via light panels.  Much like the sun’s rays, except invisible to the eye and with no UV risk. 

Infrared warms the body, as if you’re feeling a fever. This heat cues the body to activate its immune responses, and in the process, boosts circulation, healing and metabolism – among other benefits.

As you emit sweat, you’re also releasing toxins –  and who doesn’t want that?

So back to the question about hot yoga? My answer is Infrared – yes! With benefits like the above, why would you think twice?  But like everything, moderation is important, same for a few other tips I’ll share:

  • Extra-hydrate if needed, with coconut water or some electrolytes added to your water
  • Breathe! It’s the yogi way to everything
  • Wear real yoga apparel that’s sweat/wick-proof (nothing worse than cotton- skip it!)
  • Go at your own pace. Take child pose when you need it!

Whether you practice yoga regularly or not, I say why not give it a try? It’s most certainly changed my life for the better, providing a gift I’ll keep on sharing (and sharing) however I can. It’s the SECRET OF LIFE.  There, I said it again… Namaste! 🙂