Back to School season is here, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get back into a regular routine. The kids may not feel such, but after the crazy-busy summer I’ve had, I’m most certainly am!

And a big part of our routine is the morning rush – or let me clarify, prepping the night before to avoid the morning rush as much as possible! Which means having lunch options in the fridge, ready for packing-up the next day.

As a Mom of four, I know the struggle well: Making lunch for your kids is one thing. Making one they’re guaranteed to love is another.

Enter Planet Box to the rescue.

Made from stainless steel, they come in a variety of sizes with fillable trays for sandwiches, fruit, nuts, you name it. Not only are they super practical and portable, I love the fact they’re plastic-free and dishwasher friendly too.

Another bonus? Since I started using them for my kids, they now enjoy helping me prep their ingredients all the more.

Watching them in the kitchen, I can say the girls get their kicks choosing among the various shapes and sizes of the boxes to fill. Sometimes it’s wrap sandwiches, yogurt or veggie sticks, or a combination of all three. A few home baked cookies, maybe some popcorn too.

But the ultimate cherry on top? That’s got to be the satisfaction I feel knowing they’re going to eat and enjoy everything inside. Meaning, no sandwich crusts or browned apple slices to deal with later.  More often, their boxes come home clean, and ready for the dishwasher.

And that, dear friends, is how we roll into BTS #winning!