With a household as busy as mine, kids coming and going, pool parties, play dates – you name it, my kitchen can be like a hotel, open 24/7. And precisely why I keep it stocked with a healthy amount of snacks.

So just what do I buy that’s not going to kill us with sugar, ugly additives or sweeteners? Certainly not cardboard tasting rice cakes. Heavens no!

From popcorn to chocolate, we have our favourites. And because I’ve done the label-work, I know their ingredients are legit, which pleases me all the more. Especially on days when I’m not around and the kids will help themselves.

Portion control is always a good thing, yes, I know. But so is standing at your kitchen island, chatting with a girlfriend, and mindlessly eating popcorn. Right?

Happy snacking!

Kind Bars 
Among the endless sea of ‘energy bars’, we like these best for their real food ingredients, low sugar content and salty-sweet options. A travel carry-on staple too.

Ben and Jerry’s Vegan Ice cream 
Yes, it’s decadent and not shy on sugar, but it’s also vegan and tastes amazing. Just a spoonful or two hits the spot – truly, madly, deeply.

Skinny Pop Popcorn 
If there was one snack we couldn’t part with, this is it. Thankfully, it’s super-low in calories and non GMO – as we can’t (and won’t) stop after just one handful.

Mary’s Crackers 
Talk about a cracker with maximum crunch, flavour and super-star ingredients. On a cheese platter or topped with nut butter – yum.

Giddy YoYo Mint Chocolate
The purest, dark chocolate infused with natural peppermint that’s as smooth as it is delicious. So good, we buy it by the case.

Earth Balance Spread
Not technically a ‘snack’ but definitely our spread of choice. On toast or crackers, it’s got great buttery-taste and texture without any dairy.

Prana Coconut strips 
There’s coconut chips, and then there’s these, sea salt and black pepper strips. Just try stopping at one crunch!

Hard Bite Parsnip Chips
Lower in carbs, gluten free and kettle-style, these parsnip chips are divine. If you can’t find at your local store, Terra Root Chips come a close second.