Raising four kids on different continents, combined with work, travel, after school activities, doctor appointments, summer camp prep – you name it, my daily calendar is about as jammed as they come.

And did I mention three dogs with a new puppy on the way?

I’m not complaining mind-you. I’m thankful for having so much on the go, as quite frankly, I’m not one to sit still so easily.

Unless of course it’s Sunday. Aka, my ‘Self Care Day.’ An entire day just for me.

A day to press pause, and to inject some much-needed calm into my regular storms. To do only what I feel like doing, and will nourish my soul.

Call me lazy.  Call me selfish. I call it time well spent to be a happier, more present Gorgie.

You see, when I was growing up, Sunday was a day of dread. It meant leaving my Dad’s after the weekend was over. It meant back to reality. Back to school homework and exams to study for – which, no surprise, I’d leave until last minute.

Not until later my years, did I realize why I’d often feel moody or anxious come Sunday. It was like being a kid all over again. Except instead of my own homework to worry about, I had the responsibilities of a working parent, with a household to manage. Doing long division math on a Sunday night is no walk in the gorgie-park I’ll say!

So what changed? I’m not sure if I had an ‘a-ha’ moment, or how my Sunday Self Care came about, but I DO know I decided somewhere along the way to say ‘screw this’. My kids are old enough now that I don’t have to make them breakfast or remind them to brush their teeth. I can lie in bed longer, read a book, and trust everything is just fine.

Typically, it goes like this: I start my day quietly. My kids get the dogs outside to do their business, while I relax in bed and read. By the time I get up for coffee, my darlings have put their school bags near the front door, with their uniforms out for tomorrow morning. I’ve trained them well, yes. But believe-you-me, organized kids are happier kids too.

For the remainder of the day, it’s all about slow-slow. I might do some yoga on the deck, go to a yin class, take an Epson salt bath or walk to the beach for lunch.In the afternoon, I’ll spend some time organizing the fridge and pantry, making a list of groceries we’ll need for the week. If I’m up for it, I’ll tackle my closet next, folding and putting stuff away. I might also peek at the girls’ uniforms to ensure they’re clean and pressed.

Rounding-off this blissful day, we’ll sit down for a casual, easy dinner. Might be leftovers, or eggs and pancakes, depending on how we feel. Then it’s off to bed and time to read for us all.

Monday’s tomorrow, and we’re rested and ready.

However you choose to spend time on yourself, be it a long bath or going for a walk, do it well and do it often. We may not be able to predict the days ahead, but we can certainly take time to enjoy some self care love along the way.