Recently our girl Gwyneth hosted the first Goop Wellness Summit. It happened for one day only in sunny LA, and we couldn’t get there fast enough.

Featuring a variety of speakers, including health experts  Dr. Alejandro Junger, Dr. Amy Meyers and Dr. Steven Gundry with friends such as Tory Burch, Cameron Diaz and Miranda Kerr, we enjoyed panel discussions on topics ranging from gut health to sex, to the fastest facelift we’ve seen.  Needless to say, everything was on Goop-brand as we had hoped.

Along with the scheduled talks, we also got to nosh on healthy bites from some of our favourite brands including Moon Juice, Bulletproof Coffee and Sweetgreen. For added play, there were beauty and fitness activations including a Dyson blow-out bar, The Class by Taryn Toomey, an IV drip station and crystal therapy lounge.

A particular highlight was our VIP lunch with Gwyneth and special guests, finished with collagen-infused martinis in the outdoor garden.

To sum-up our summit day, here are 5 things we learned:

1. Gwyneth isn’t perfect – nor does she pretend or want to be.

Looking radiant in a floor-length floral, from the moment she walked on stage, we were immediately taken with her genuine warmth, wit and beauty. She wasn’t a Hollywood star on-display to impress. She was one of ‘us’, open and honest – interested and curious about health after losing her Dad to throat cancer years a go. Yes, she has dabbled in macrobiotic eating, cleanses and the like, but she told us she has relaxed over the years, enjoying martinis, French fries and the occasional cigarette when party time calls. Our kind of a girl.

2. When facing a health issue, don’t take it at face-value.

Dr. Habib Sedeghi is an Integrative health doctor, co-founder of the Be Hive of Healing, and the man behind the now-famous ‘un-coupling’. If you read Goop like we do, you’ll know Dr. Sedeghi believes our physical and emotional health are intricately connected. How we think, behave and act directly impacts our well being at the deepest, cellular level. To put this into perspective, he referenced GP’s struggles with ovarian cysts and UTIs. Although she had the usual symptoms, not until she addressed what was going-on in her personal life (feeling a lack of open dialogue) could she clear her body of these ailments. Whether you subscribe to this kind of healing or not, there’s something to be said about the mind-body connection.  No doctor prescription required.

3. Breakfast isn’t always a good thing. Coffee is.

Among our favourite of speakers, Dr. Steven Gundry is a leading cardiovascular surgeon, best-selling author of The Plant Paradox and founder of The Center for Restorative Medicine. For the past 14 years, he has researched the world-over with a focus on the human microbiome, namely our gut and how it impacts our health and longevity. Along with setting us straight on a lectin-free diet (no legumes, night shades or grains), he spoke about breakfast and why it’s okay to skip altogether. According to Dr. Gundry, early humans did not wake to food on the table. We had to go find it. Not only that, we experienced hunger – something so many of us rarely feel today. In a nutshell, our body is designed to operate on fuel (fat) we’ve stored versus a smoothie-chia bowl that’s going to spike our blood sugar and lead to weight gain overtime.

Instead, Dr. Gundry says reach for a cup (or cups) of black coffee. Coffee is loaded with polyphenols, and by drinking it black, you preserve its purity (confession – we’re still adding coconut milk to ours). A handful of nuts is okay if you need – walnuts, macadamias or pistachios are best.

4. Miranda Kerr does some crazy sh’t.

Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she has glowing skin and a Victoria’s Secret body to boot. But after listening to Miranda Kerr speak during the ‘Balls in the Air’ panel with Cameron Diaz, Tory Burch, Nicole Richie and GP, we learned she’s a warm, genuine soul. A GF you’d want to call for advice on juggling work, family, marriage, parenting, love – and yes, her latest beauty secrets too. On that note, when asked about the craziest health-thing she’s done, she gave us the download on leech therapy. Not only did she try such (apparently leeches can help stimulate circulation and healing) on her face and body, but she took the blood-suckers home rather than be destroyed. They’re now in her koi pond, and we’ll bet swimmingly happy about it too.

5. Dropping a few balls á la Cameron Diaz, can be a very good thing.

Other than paparazzi shots of her going to the gym or hanging with her husband, we’ve seen little of Cameron Diaz over the past few years. It’s not for lack of starring roles either. It’s because she intentionally chose to step away from movie-making and focus on herself,  her marriage and what fills her soul (she cited daily meditation and exercise) among other things. Juggling many balls at once can be exciting and invigorating she said – but so can dropping the ones that aren’t serving you well. Amen to that. We also loved her response when asked why she waited until 41 to get married. She said it was because ‘she hadn’t met her husband yet’. All the others were mere ‘boyfriends’. With Benjy, she found a real partner in life and in love. We could go on, but he sounds like a winner guy and bravo to Cameron for stepping out of the spotlight and dropping some balls for the win.