September can be a time for new beginnings. It certainly is for me. On my list, attempting Italian lessons. I’ve always loved the language and now that my eldest son is fluent (thanks to his Italian race team career), I figure there’s no better time.

Along with jumping into a few goals, I always take time to watch a favourite film, Finding Joe.  Based on the work of Joseph Campbell and with a diverse cast including Deepak Chopra, Rashida Jones, Tony Hawk and Laird Hamilton, this documentary is a life-changer for those questioning the direction of our lives, what to do, and how to do it.

Campbell’s answer? Follow your bliss. Be the hero of your life!

Hero what???

Delving into Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’, Finding Joe shows how us how to drop our fears and insecurities. Including what we’ve been told and taught. To harness the power that’s within us and follow what ignites us most. By trusting our bliss, we can move forward in the most profound and fulfilling of ways.

Over the years, I’ve recommended Finding Joe to many friends and colleagues. Those who do, always (always) come back to me, saying OMG, thank you. THAT GOOD. Even my license plate speaks to my love for this film!

If you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, now’s the perfect time. Be the hero of your story, and believe you me, you’ll rise to heights beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s a clip to get you started!