Reading this quote really made me stop in my tracks.  “Surrender” has become one of my go-to mantras as of late, and for very good reason.

June is here, which means we’re already half way through the year?!

So much has gone on in my life and business. Not to mention, my family and I recently packed up all of our belongings, to move into a new home, in a new neighbourhood, with three dogs in-tow.  After nine years in our first Florida home.  Can you say exhausting?

Despite this, I’m doing my best to keep it all together – to not rush everything, to breathe, and to remember that not everything has to be perfect.  To let go of what I can’t control and surrender to the here and now.

On the family front: School’s officially out.  Yet the activity shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. My youngest, now a seriously committed horse jumper (!) has got me driving to and from practice, competitions on the weekends, taking hours of my time.  But for Summer, of course I’m there for her! I wouldn’t want to miss a moment.

My Ava finished her year with honours.  Talk about dedication!  She also rose to the top of her track and field group, earning state ranking.  This, while juggling her fashion designs, french lessons and helping out at SOL Yoga on her weekends too.  She’s now looking forward to her first summer job, working at a yoga studio.  So proud of her.

And the boys?  My oldest, Devlin, God bless him, has been facing the biggest challenges of his race car career, with me flying to Europe when I can.  My heart aches to see him go through the ups and downs of race-car driving.  It’s the most demanding, highly political sport. It doesn’t stop, yet Devlin remains strong.  But oh, the emotional roller coasters! Don’t get me started.

And my Lachlan, always keeping me busy with his ‘business smarts’, dabbling in the stock market already (!), and learning the money ropes.  This kid’s got one sharp mind with huge ambition is all I can say.  Look out world, he’s only getting started!

On top of the family activity, I have SOL Yoga now open and running. Located in Wynwood, Miami, I’ve manifested, dreamed, worked (and worked!) to finally bring this vision to life – and it’s all happening at a racing speed.

Just under three months old, and already, I feel so proud and grateful of its success, though extremely challenging at times.  But it’s better than great. I have a super team behind me, and their support means the world.

I truly believe you get what you manifest, but patience is key.  SOL Yoga didn’t happen overnight, but as soon I surrendered to knowing it’ll come when the time was right – it did.

SOL Yoga featured in Miami Magazine

What a gift! And what a gift to be here, in my forties now. I feel like this decade has been the most incredible journey into self-care and wellness.  To really ‘owning’ who I am and what makes me happy.  So much of this stems from the fact I’ve made my health my top priority.  Along with practicing yoga daily, I’ve traveled to world renowned integrative clinics, explored treatments, tried different products, met with doctors and professionals.

All of this, leading to more exciting projects I’m now working on.

Health is the most valuable luxury we have. It’s not about how old you are. It’s how you care for your body and your mind; What you eat, how you exercise, treat others, and treat your self.  It’s about listening to your body when it doesn’t feel right, and seeking help when you need it.

Which is why my next SOL Yoga, in Fort Lauderdale is going to be more than a yoga destination. It’s going to be a hub of holistic wellness with leading edge treatments, products, lifestyle products, apparel and nutrition bar.

It will approach wellness as all encompassing, with treatments such as IV Vitamin infusions, hold and cold therapies specific for face and body, along with CBD beauty products and CBD health formulas to address everything from stress to sleep.

There will be more SOL Yoga Wellness openings too, as I’m constantly keeping an active search for locations, including one across the pond.  Can you say ‘namaste’ with an English accent?!

How far I’ve come, and how much further I’m going…

In the meantime, balance, balance balance! Enjoy summer with my family, take time for me, put my phone down more often –  and enjoy every minute I possibly can.

To read more about my journey into SOL, click here.

Until next time.