Want to know the ABCs of eating better, feeling better and getting sh*t done? Take my advice and skip the resolutions!

Consider these 3 ‘D’s instead (and ‘diet’ isn’t one of them):

D as in “Discipline”

Why are you eating more sugar, not sleeping enough or getting that work project done? It’s called lack of discipline.  Lack of focus. Lack of commitment, being accountable, you name it! No one is putting the cookie in your mouth, but you.  And that’s okay! Just come to this realization and become more present with your thoughts.

Instead of ‘mindlessly’ eating, try to become ‘mindful’ with your eating.  Ask yourself, is this food nourishing my body, or will it make me feel guilty or bloated after? If it’s really (really) worth a bite, go for it.  Chew, chew, chew.  Savour every delicious bite.  And then before you go back for more, ask yourself again, do I need more, or was that enough?

The Sunshine Vitamin, D3

Another D so many of us are lacking is vitamin D3.  Did you know we need on average twenty minutes of direct sunshine daily in order to boost this hormone for our health and longevity? A natural mood-booster, Vitamin D is essential for our well-being, linked to cancer, MS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s – you name it.  If you’re not getting it from sunshine, you’ll want to add at least 1,000 IU daily by supplement form.

Many leading health experts including Dr. Andrew Weil and even Dr. Oz take 5,000 IU+ daily, as there is very little evidence to show one can over-dose on it.  To read more on why this D is an absolute MUST, including foods to include regularly, here’s a great article from Dr. Josh Axe.

D as in “Different”

If there’s anything I’ve learned with age, it’s that life evolves naturally, working FOR us and not against us.  But if you really want to expand your growth and achieve your goals – whether in your career, relationships or finances, do things differently! Change things-up.  Challenge yourself. Venture outside your comfort zone. Take up a new hobby, sport or language.  Book that plane ticket you’ve been dreaming of…

Too many of us listen to our fearful voice.  The one that says ‘I’ll never get ahead in life, so why bother?’ Or, ‘if only I could turn the clock back.  I’m too old now.”  I say stop that kind of talk now! Take a chance on life, and see what happens next. Just a few months a go, I did something I vowed I’d never do. I took the plunge, and can confidently say, it changed my life for the better!