Besides keeping tabs on the latest headlines (okay, and maybe a few fashion and apparel sites too), staying on-top of the latest health and fitness news is our kind of content.  From gut health to smoothie bloat (yes, it’s true), here are five things we recently learned and found interesting enough to share:

1. Turmeric with black pepper is a must

That’s because black pepper significantly boosts the bioavailability of turmeric curcumin, including its anti-inflammatory levels. Research shows even just a pinch can increase levels by more than 1000x! Something to keep in-mind next time you’re adding a dash or two to your latte – or in our case, over sweet potato toast.  (Nutritionfacts)

2. PREbiotics are just as important as PRObiotics

Along with taking a probiotic daily, we’re now drinking a prebiotic formula in the mornings. By doing so, we’re maximizing our probiotic’s effectiveness, as prebiotics help kill harmful bacteria in our gut, allowing the healthy gut flora to flourish. Put the two together, and say hello to better digestion, energy and immunity. (GundryMD)

3. Leptin levels and sugar cravings

If you find yourself craving sweets, snacks at bedtime or can’t lose weight easily, the hormone leptin may be the culprit as it regulates hunger. Stress and lack of adequate sleep can throw leptin off-balance, so along with getting tested by your doctor, health experts recommend including a fish oil daily, cutting back on high intensity cardio and no snacking between meals. (WellnessMama)

4. If you’re going to eat bread, eat this one

Not sprouted. Not chia. Not even whole grain – no way. Think white sourdough bread! That’s because its sourdough starter undergoes fermentation, making its nutrients easier to digest, while lowering the Glycemic Index. Which means no bloat or gut irritation. If you’re not convinced, think of the Italians.  In a nation of slimmer, longer-living people, never will you see them eating whole wheat pasta or pizza crust!  (The Guardian UK)

5. How to Avoid Smoothie Bloat

So you think tossing greens, fruit and protein into your morning smoothie, is a good thing – right? Well not if you’re prone to gas and indigestion thanks to improper food combining. What’s more, the longer you blend your ingredients, the more air in your smoothie which you end-up swallowing. Can you say bloat? To avoid all of the above, go easy on your smoothie ingredients.  Eat fruit on its own, and make healthy salads instead. (WellandGood)