Do this, not that. Eat this, not that.  If only life’s lessons came so easily. But that’s the joy of getting older: We learn more as we go. We take our learnings, and apply them whenever needed.

Or in some cases, we ‘un-learn’ things to further ourselves even more. On that note, here are 3 things I “un-learned”, with some pondering for the sharing:

#1. It’s Their Fault

Are you blaming others? For gosh sake, if you spilled the coffee so-to-speak, just clean it up without complaining or pointing the finger at someone else. Okay I know, it’s a basic one but how many times has something happened to you and you immediately started blaming? Newsflash, when your buttons are being pushed, it’s because there’s a lesson to be learned. A question to ask yourself – why am I feeling frustrated in this moment? Is it because of something THEY did or said? Or is it because I’m irritable, stressed and frustrated with my job? Bottom line, WE are responsible for our actions and intentions.  When you know better, you do better.  So before you go ‘out side’ and lash your wrath among others, look ‘inside’, breathe and hit the reset button.


#2. I Have to Eat Breakfast

No actually you don’t. The newest diet trend Intermittent Fasting is on the rise for very good reason. It promotes a state of thermogenesis, wherein your body uses fat as fuel, versus carbohydrates. So instead of running on the calories you ate at breakfast, your body taps into stored calories, such as last night’s dinner. Combine IF with a ‘nothing processed’ foods diet, along with doing hot and cold showers, and you’ll be well on your way to a leaner you – fast!  Along with easier weight loss and/or maintenance, IF has been shown to regulate insulin levels and is linked to better aging and longevity.   The cherry on top?During the hours you’re fasting, you can still enjoy coffee with coconut milk, almond milk, etc., so long as it’s sugar-free. For more, see Dr. Gundry’s food pyramid.


#3. Busy is better.

Between home, work, kids, appointments, shopping, errands, texting, messaging and more -what happened to doing ONE thing at a time, not five? To slowing down to breathe, and not feeling constantly rushed or behind the clock?  Since practicing my #selfcare Sundays, I’ve learned it’s perfectly okay to do absolutely nothing. And by nothing, I mean watch a movie, do some light yoga, stay in bed and read. No cleaning, no grocery shopping (unless it’s a fun outing) and maybe a nap just because.  

Things will always get done in the end.  What’s more, I’ll do them much more relaxed, rested and not feeling anxious or overwhelmed. If Sunday is too much for you, try to take a few moments every day (even a ten-minute nap can do wonders!). #selfcaresunday

For more highly productive things to UN-learn, check out this article from Mind Body Green.