Like most Moms I know, my morning time goes by in a busy-flash. I get up early, take care of the dogs, coffee, the girls, their lunch boxes, breakfast – then out the door for school drop-off.

When it comes to my workouts, I rarely get to a real gym, let alone a boot-camp class or whatever’s trending! Good thing I enjoy running, as I’ll do some laps in my neighbourhood.  Other days, I’ll head up to my veranda where I’ve put together a ‘home gym’.

Along with a yoga mat, I keep a collection of weights and other ‘gorgie-things’.  Anything to get my heart rate up; to sculpt my arms, legs and butt (!), I’m covered. On a typical day, I’ll throw some tunes on, and rotate through a round of exercises, for about 30 minutes.

If you’re looking to up your home workout game, here’s a few key essentials I highly recommend:

Smart Rope Pure by Gaiam

Why I love it: This jump rope  by Gaiam is as smart at they come. It connects to your cardio via the Smart Gym mobile app.  It stores up to 100 sessions, tracking your jump count, calories burned and workout times.  The handles are also super-slick and have a nice ‘hold’ to them.


Power Resistance Bands

For sculpting without bulk, stretching and overall lengthening, these bands (plus a ton of willpower) get the job done.  For inspiration, I’ll tune into Brooke Burke’s feed  -as she uses them, and quite frankly, has a butt I’d kill for!

Ab Roller

I may not ever get a six-pack, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.  And thanks to this roller, I work my abs in ways crunches or planks can’t touch.  Feel the burn, and you tell me – that good.


Set of Weights

If you’re going to invest in just one thing for your home, make it a set of weights. Particularly for us women over forty, who are at risk for losing muscle mass and precious bone density as we age.  I’m not throwing that towel in, no way! The heavier the better for this Gorgie.


Foam Roller

From my daily runs to hot yoga, to chasing after the dogs, my legs can take a beating.  To target sore, stiff muscles, especially my quads and hamstrings, I’ll spend a few minutes rolling back and forth on a foam roller.  Hurts a bit – yes, but in a good way!


Qardio Base 2 Smart Scale



While this isn’t for the home gym, it goes with the theme nevertheless. I’m not one for tracking my weight – like ever.  But when I read about this scale that calculates your BMI, as well as changes in your body composition (muscle, fat, water, bone), I’m thinking maybe.