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Whether you’re into health or not, Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon gets my nod – not just for her Beauty Dust formulas and cookbook (I’m loving), but because like a lot of women I know, she’s juggling work and family, with little time for anything else.

In Amanda’s case, she’s an Entrepreneur and single Mother and yet, still carves-out time to meditate and practice self-love every day. Not to mention follow a very clean diet. Clearly her work-life ‘balance’ is working, and something I strive for every day too.

Here’s more of what she shared in part 2 of my Q&A:

What’s your beauty routine? What do you have in your makeup bag/beauty cabinet?

I have Clair De Lune’s serum on me at all times. I also have Juice Beauty’s mascara for extreme circumstances and I have a serving of beauty dust in warm water every day. It’s a blend of powdered tonic herbs based on an ancient empiric formula that increases collagen and silica production, tones and firms tissue, and fortifies skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out.

Nightly rituals? What time you go to bed?

I’m making a huge effort to get seven+ hours a night. This includes setting an alarm to tell me to start tune out, having a cup of dream dust, spraying magnesium oil on my body and laying on my biomat.

What are your travel product musts to bring on the plane and the road?

I always take my gnarly Ayurvedic mud toothpaste, dead sea mineral soap bar, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. and my protein. I do travel light, because I find that wherever I go I love finding local treasures, so I like to leave enough room for them. My philosophy is to pack light and come back bursting at the seams!

Where do you love to go for a healthy getaway?

India, always!

What are the foods you always have on-hand in your fridge and pantry?

Fermented veggies, Nori wraps, ghee, micro greens, coconut flour, Himalayan pink salt, apple cider vinegar, maca, cacao, cordyceps, avocados, frozen strawberries, organic stevia.

How do you reset after an indulgent meal, weekend, or getaway?

I drastically cut out sugars, grains and caffeine – and go with high protein plants, healthy fats, and fermented options.

What’s your go-to healthy food or snacks on-the-go?

Raw, activated, stone ground nut or seed butter. I will literally drink it out of the jar when hungry and on the go.

Ingredient I Always Avoid:


Ingredient(s) you (almost) never eat:


What is the one thing/person/ritual/etc you can’t live without?

Sunglasses (my blue eyes burn easily). My son Rohan, and alone time.

What’s your current mantra?


Do you have a self-care moment (daily, weekly) or routine?

I meditate daily, which usually means I’ll pull over and take 20 minutes in my parked car. I also always spend 3-5 minutes deeply nourishing myself with by making an adaptogenic smoothie. This is only 25 minutes a day, but it’s life changing and sustaining!

And more importantly, how do you feel afterward?

I feel like superwoman ready to take on the world (with a slight limp from that pulled hamstring muscle!).

How does this “me time” make you feel like a better parent?

I have the grounded bandwidth to handle anything.

Do you have a favorite beauty ritual or treatment you like to get?

Daily dose of beauty dust in hot water, acupuncture, clay face masks and B12 shots.

How do you really disconnect, so you’re not a) feeling guilty about not being with the kids and b) enjoy the alone time so you come back fully refreshed from it?

I’ve been trained in the art of disconnection by being a single parent. I had to work through the pain of separating from him while he spent time with his dad. It came down to knowing that he was safe and happy and I should enjoy my time and make the best use of it so I could be better upon his return.

When’s the last time you traveled sans kids, either solo or with friends, for fun? Would you do it again?

India is my yearly adventure without Rohan. It feeds me personally and professionally, reminding me why I do it all. I find that there a sweetness between my son and I when I return, like he actually appreciates me more, that lasts about a week 😉