Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shaliene Woodley swear by it for a whiter, brighter smile. As do leading health experts such as Dr. Axe and New York City based cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marc Lowenberg.

The best part? It’s completely natural and safe.  Takes just minutes a day – with no laser, fancy toothbrush or white strip required.

We’re talking about oil pulling.

It’s not a new concept by any means.  But it’s certainly making a come back due to the fact it actually works. And thanks to Kismet Essentials’ Coco Rinse, it’s now easier than ever to get on the healthiest of ‘white teeth wagons’.

Packaged in 14 sachets, containing organic coconut oil with organic peppermint, you simply knead the packet for a few seconds, open and swoosh the oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.

Ideally done in the morning before eating or drinking, we’ll swoosh ours while washing our face, put
ting the kettle on, making our smoothie, etc. etc.

After 14 days, we can definitely see a whiter, brighter difference. On our next dentist visit, we’ll be curious to see whether he notices too. Stay tuned.