If fitness is your thing, then you’re likely familiar with Danielle Pascente.  When she’s not modeling the latest athleisure wear for Carbon38, training private clients, or inspiring her 20k+ followers on Instagram (see her loaded sweet potato below!) you’ll find this gal breaking a major sweat, thanks to her daily workouts she shares on social and in her Kick Ass Training Guide.

Yes, she’s pretty darn pretty! And yes, she’s got athletic talent that’s way above our normal. But this girl works hard, and she’s as kind and genuine as they come! No diva here, thank you very much.

Curious to learn more about this mega fitness star, we fielded Danielle with some questions of our own. Here’s what she told us….

Q: Were you always athletic and healthy? Or did something jump-start your love for fitness later in life?

A: I think growing up as a multi-sport athlete I would definitely say I was always active/athletic, but healthy (nutrition wise), definitely NOT! When I was done with my athletic career though, I found a new love for working out and eating healthy.

Q: What’s a typical eating day like?

A:It definitely varies from day to day just depending on what I have going on. If I’m traveling, it’s different. If I’m on the go a lot, I try to pre make some snacks and meals to make sure I always have fuel.

A typical day when I’m at home, training clients, and programming workouts/writing blogs/answering emails looks a little something like this:

  • Pre-Breakfast:Warm water with lemon, plus a probiotic (I love Garden of Life brand).
  • Breakfast: Black coffee with splash of vanilla almond milk and cinnamon.  Followed with protein oatmeal (my go to breakfast) containing organic rolled oats heated with almond milk and a scoop of protein powder. I like Vega’s vanilla. For some healthy fat, I’ll add one tablespoon of my favorite nut butter (I like Justin’s). The nut butter just melts into the oatmeal and it’s seriously HEAVENLY!
  • Snack: If I’m hungry between breakfast and lunch, I’ll have a banana or handful of almonds/nuts.
  • Lunch: Usually it’s a loaded greens smoothie with frozen fruit, chia seeds, flaxseed, dates, bee pollen, spinach, kale, protein powder, spirulina, chlorella, coconut oil, cucumber, celery, coconut milk, etc! I know it may sound crazy that I have a greens smoothie for lunch, but it’s not your typical smoothie. I pack mine with so much and it keeps me full for hours!

  • Snack: If I’m hungry before dinner, I’ll usually have one of my favorite bars. I love Perfect Bars. Other times, I’ll do veggies or seed crackers with hummus.
  • Dinner: I love huge greens salads with quinoa and sweet potatoes. Just like my smoothie, I load my salads. If I’m fixing for something warmer, I’ll do grilled veggies or a stir fry of sorts. I’m a firm believer in trying to get veggies in with each meal. I try to keep it varied and get what’s in season.
  • Dessert: If I’m craving something sweet (which I usually am), I’ll have a good ingredient dessert in moderation. I love rice cakes with dark chocolate chips. I’m obsessed with Boom Chicka Pop popcorn and of course Halo Top protein ice cream! I do try to stay away from sugars and processed foods. I notice a lot of inflammation in my body when I eat too many of these things, so I try to just really pay attention to what my body is actually asking for instead of sugar.

Q: Do you have days when your legs just won’t move? Seriously, between your jump squats and running stairs, how do you do it?

A: Oh yes! I definitely have my days 🙂 If I’m actually having a tough time moving from a lower body workout, I’ll take a day off. I’ll do a slow active recovery walk and long stretch, but if I’m that sore I try to stay away from lifting weights to allow the muscles to repair themselves. I always tell my clients to just tune into their bodies. If it’s telling you it needs a break, it probably does!

Q: So often we don’t see the amount of time that goes into setting up shots or editing video. Is this the most challenging part of your work, and/or what are some ‘tips or tricks’ you’ve learned about using social – best?

A: Ah….I’m so glad you mentioned this. It’s true though! It takes a lot of time to create and edit good content for social media. I won’t say this is the MOST challenging part, but it’s definitely up there! I think sometimes it’s hard to always be creating creating creating content. You get burnt out sometimes, so my advice is to allow yourself to take breaks. I pumped out content for 6 months straight when I first launched my training guides.

Truth is, you eventually reach a point where you just need a mental break. My #1 tip to using any social media is to just be authentic! I’ve always shared my real life with my followers. I try not to sugar-coat things and allow my followers to see the real me on daily basis via my Instagram Stories. Even if it’s not rainbows and sunshine, I try to share those moments too because I think that’s part of life. Nobody is perfect, and I think coming on social media to create an authentic platform is so awesome!

Q: For those of us who want your abs, you say…

A: Get in 3-4 workouts a week and eat healthy 80% of the time. As much as I’d love to type this long drawn out thing about how I get abs (haha), it REALLY is as simple as that. Execution is a whole different story of course, but I truly believe these two things, when done consistently – will assist in the ab department. I also don’t do a crazy ab routine everyday. I have a split training regiment mixed with upper body, lower body, and full body workouts. If you engage your core during these workouts, that will be key to strengthening that area.

Q: For those of us who want to have better muscle mass and tone, you recommend…

A: Lifting weights. There’s such a misconception that lifting weights will make you bulky and this just isn’t the case. I encourage all women to incorporate some sort of weight lifting or circuit training into their weekly regiment.

Q: What’s always in your snack drawer (cupboard, desk)?

A:Rice cakes, a variety of nut butters, Perfect Bars, Coola chapstick, and some sort of fruity gum

Q: Celebs you’ve trained with, or would like to train with?

A: Ah that’s hard! I would LOVE to train Beyonce. I could just see her absolutely demolishing a workout so that always excites me! I also think Bethenny Frankel would be fun because she’s hilarious so I have a feeling it would be half banter half training (but ultimately she’d be able to kick ass I’m sure), so it would be an enjoyable training session.

Q: What’s on the future plan for you, the Danielle Pascente brand?

A:Well I just launched my first 3 online training guides and ran two 6 week challenge groups over the summer, so I’m taking a short break right now. In the fall, my ultimate goal is to continue developing new programs and get the Kick-Ass Training Guide into more hands.

Q: We love the clothes and apparel we often see you sporting! Can you give us a few of your favorite looks we should buy, like now?!

A: Ah, yes! Of course! I’m an ambassador and model for Carbon38. They have some of the most incredible activewear out there. They carry most major brands, as well as smaller up and coming athleisure brands. In addition, they’ve launched a few original Carbon38 collections which are beautifully designed. I’m obsessed with being able to rock these clothes in and out of the gym. I LIVE in athleisure! If you want to shop the latest on Carbon38 , you can use my code DANIELLEP50 for a discount on your first purchase.

Hello, like so shopping now! Thank you Danielle 🙂