For avid shoppers like us, it seems there’s no shortage of celebrity name brands, just waiting to land in our check-out carts.

From Jessica Simpson’s billion-dollar clothing line to George and Rande’s $300 million Casamigos Tequila. And perfumes? Beyond.  Jennifer Lopez has launched 24 fragrances since 2002! And Elizabeth Taylor still holds the record for White Diamonds, which earned $61.3 million in 2011 alone.

Which brings us to the latest beauty buzz now circulating the web and department stores.  We’re talking four, very well-known, very talented and very Gorgie-approved women who are throwing the traditional beauty brands on their tales, bringing their own make-up formulas to us regular people.

And guess what? According to online beauty reviews from bloggers and media, as well as sites like Sephora, these beauty lines totally deliver – not just on packaging and design, but colour variations, texture, ingredients and quality.  So good, they’re selling out fast, and we can hardly wait to get us some more.  Here’s a look at what’s on our list:

Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder

In her own words: “With this makeup collection, I want to make women everywhere feel empowered, beautiful and confident. Inspired by my favourite cities in the world, this collection reflects my own personal beauty vision.”

On Our List: The Java Bronzer: It’s a matte bronzer that can be used all-over for a sunkissed look.

What it does: This matte bronzer is as natural looking as it gets, especially when worn beneath the cheekbones for definition. It comes in two shades: Java Sun and Saffron Sun.

What else you need to know: “Java Sun is perfect for medium-to-deep skin tones. It’s my go-to bronzer shade for when I have a tan. Saffron Sun is ideal for lighter skin tones and I use it when I want to add warmth and dimension to my skin.”—Victoria Beckham

Fenty Beauty, by Rihanna 

In her words: “The biggest challenge was making sure that each product covered all skin tones, and it was a challenge I was up for,” she told “I didn’t care how long it took, I was going to make sure that we covered most skin tones. Diversity and inclusivity are important to the brand. I hope that fans, makeup lovers, and makeup artists feel that.”

On Our List: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

What it does: Gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish.  Best of all, this longwearing, light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin—so you always look like you.

What else you need to know: This oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidity (workouts included!) and won’t clog pores so that wherever you are, it’s going to work on your skin.

Claudia Schiffer Make Up

In her words: “During my career, I worked with the best make-up artists in the world and learned a lot. I used these experiences to create a professional make-up collection: high-quality, modern, easy to use.”

On Our List: Cream lipstick

What it does: Gives lips a satiny, silky-gloss finish with a brilliant color intensity. Has a gel-like base and makes lips gorgeous, plump, smooth and soft. Also has tiny playful droplets in the lipstick for an extra glam touch.

What else you need to know: What more to say except that if this lipstick is the secret to Claudia’s always stunning, iconic look – well, enough said.

MDNASkin by Madonna 

In her words: It’s a line I can use every day. Some things I use when I don’t wear makeup and am not doing shows, and others are specifically good for having to apply makeup and be on stage under lights. I developed it for me specifically, but it also feels universal. I mean, my children use it, my friends use it.”

On Our List: The Skin Rejuvenator Set

What it does: The Skin Rejuvenator is a dual-headed magnetic and infusion device meant to be used with the Chrome Clay Mask and or serum. The mask includes volcanic clay from the Italian city Montecatini, as well as minerals and a magnetic coating. The Rejuvenator pulls up the magnetized mask in a process that looks like the most extreme Biore pore strip removal ever seen. It also comes with mask remover sheets and a cleaning cloth.

What else you need to know: It retails for a whopping $600 (!).