When I was in my thirty-something years, I remember women like Oprah and Jane Fonda saying that not until they reached their forties, did life really start to come together in the best ways.

Wait a sec, I thought! You mean I have to wait ten more years before life gets better?

Well it turns-out, they were right.

Now in my mid-forties, I can honestly say I’m happiest in all aspects of my being. I feel a level of confidence I’ve yet to ever own. I feel more grounded as a person, yet more willing to spread my wings.  To take on new challenges without giving a f* what others may think or say. If it feels right, I go with it. I trust that little voice to guide me in every decision I make.

For example, in just the past few months my work life has tripled in size.  Along with launching this, Gorgie Wellness, I’m getting ready to open not one, but TWO yoga studios – literally from the ground-up. From construction and design, to permits and staffing, I’m head-deep in the trenches alright.  But I’ll get there.

Had any of this happened ten years a go, I’d be a wreck. Up most nights, stressing every detail.

But thanks to some growing years, I’ve been able to tap into a deeper part of me. As if, after years (and years) of taking care of everyone else’s needs, I can now change the channel back to ‘me’ and what fills me up.  It’s not always easy to choose ‘me’ versus what others may think, but I truly believe if you don’t put you first, you lose in the end.  You miss out on life and what brings YOU joy.

For me, it means keeping busy – often chaotic-busy, but that’s how I roll. Why own three dogs when you can add an adorable fourth?

Choose courage, it’s so rewarding. The feeling of purpose, the opportunity to work on something you are passionate about. ” Elle Macpherson

Another reason for loving this time of my life is thanks to my kids. Or let me clarify – thanks to the foundational work I so believe in – and continue to give my best at doing. Raising kids is like building a skyscraper.  If you make the foundation strong enough, you can build and build as high as the sky.

In other words, if you put the ‘work in’ when they are young, such as teaching them manners, eating well, doing their homework, showing respect for others and going to bed at a regular hour each night, then the ‘out-put’ you’ll receive will be all the better.

You’ve provided a steady platform for them to grow into respectable adults, and I can see this happening with each of my four.

Not all days are a walk in the park mind-you.  Mothering can be tough, especially with two boys living abroad.  But seeing my kids becoming as they are, fills me up in the most complete, most rewarding of ways.

Five women who didn’t hit their prime until past 40:

Vera Wang: Opened her first wedding boutique at the age of 40. Julia Child: Learned to cook at 36, and not until her 50’s was she a household name. Lucille Ball: Early in her career, was told to leave drama class for lack of talent.  At the age of 40, starred in her own TV show. Betty White: One of the most award-winning comedic actresses, didn’t become famous until she joined the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show at the age of 51. Laura Ingalls Wilder: At the age of 65, published the first in her ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series, now considered a literary (and TV show) classic.

Gotta love later bloomers I say! Same for those who, years on, still wow me for their staying-power.  From Dolly Parton to Helen Mirren to Goldie Hawn, let’s keep adding…

So yes, while I enjoyed a face with a few less wrinkles during my thirties, I’m here to say the forties are where it’s at!  Heaven knows what’s around the corner, but I feel confident in knowing I can take it on.  It’s the Gorgie-way, and I’m sticking to it!  Namaste.